Yahoo Backup: Make Email Security Your First Priority

Tool to Safely Download Yahoo Emails to Local Machine

Yahoo backup tool is an innovative solution which has been built to provide you backup of email data from Yahoo Mail account. It covers all the folders of emails including the Inbox, Sent Items, Chat Conversation, etc. This will not only keep your data secured, but also will let you access emails anytime you need.

  • Create backup of Yahoo Mail emails and Save it in Machine
  • Save Emails Data in Various File Formats; PST, EML, MBOX, or MSG
  • Option Available to Delete Emails from Yahoo Once Downloaded
  • Set Time Slots With Internet Bandwidth to Manage Throttling
  • Pause/Resume Option Available For Convenient Downloading
  • E-mail Filter Option available to export emails from selective date range: From & To
  • Multiple Language Options like; Dutch, Portuguese, English, etc.
  • Save Yahoo Emails to External Hard Drive of Selective Email Folders

What Makes Yahoo Mail Backup Tool So Prominent?

Important Characteristics of Yahoo Mail Backup Tool Focused

Complete Email Download

Yahoo backup tool is capable to download complete email data. This includes the original formatting, Metadata like From, Cc, To, Bcc, etc. and associated attachments of emails. Inline images and hyperlinks will also get downloaded.

Selective Folder Download

Under "Filters" section you will find "Select Folders". "Select All" option selects all the mail folders or you can select them yourself. You can select desired Folder from; Inbox, Yahoo Chat logs (Y! Conversation), Bulk Mail (Spam), Sent, etc.

Variety of Email Files

Software allows you to download a copy of yahoo mail to EML, PST, MSG and MBOX file. Thus it covers variety of email clients and you can choose the format accordingly. For e.g., if you use Apple Mail then download Yahoo messages to MBOX.

Pause/Resume Process

Yahoo email backup software has an instant option to Pause and Resume the process of downloading and thus you can anytime pause the downloading using PAUSE tab and switch back to it using the Resume option.

Date Filter Available

Another filter option is available to filter emails according to time. You can provide certain Time Interval with Dates "From" and "To" to the software and emails between these specific dates will get downloaded.

Throttle Setting

Provide the Internet Bandwidth to the software along with the unit (in kbps/mbps). And then you can provide the percentage of BW which should be used by the software so that it does not hamper other internet work.

Delete After Download

You can select the option of "Delete After Download" in case you want to completely delete the emails after getting downloaded. This will free-up the space from your Yahoo Mail account.


History Maintained

Yahoo conversion history is automatically saved when any interruption occurs while downloading the email data. In case this happens you can go to the History option and continue the process which was interrupted.

Languages Preferences

Software lets you download all emails from yahoo mail to PST or any other file with preferred language. You can choose any language amongst; English, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Spanish.


How to Backup Yahoo - Watch Live Video of Software

This video shows you a complete working process of Yahoo Backup tool. It covers all the functionalities of the software and helps you by practically showing how to export Yahoo email to PST or any other email format. You can pause the video to figure out the step and resume it back once you get what it is. The video will surely make you confident to work with a software program and will help you get optimum results.

Minimum System Requirements

Check Out Demo Edition of the Tool before Purchasing

Try Out Software Free of Cost

Evaluating tool working and its features is important to set your hands on tool. Yahoo backup tool comes free and is capable to backup 100 emails. It can save the emails in all provided email formats letting you know how software works, showing you all the features and options for future help.

License Edition for Full Conversion

In case you are satisfied with the software and its working then you can purchase the full version of software which is available in different editions for multiple users' account backup. There is no restriction on full version and it will backup all the email data available on your Yahoo Mail account.

Words from Our Dedicated Clients

Yahoo Backup Tool is really amazing software and helped me to sail out of email data loss issue. There was an urgent need to save the email data with proper formatting and this software did it without any flaws. Thanks a lot for the tool!

-Gustavo, Brazil

I really liked the interface of the software. It is smart and interactive showing progress report of each and every detail of downloading. Filter options and the Internet bandwidth options are also very useful while conversion.

-Paulina, Chile

FAQs Icon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software strictly for Yahoo Mail?

Yes. You cannot use this software for any other email domain. It is strictly for Yahoo Mail.

In case the internet connection is dropped while the process of downloading what will happen?

We have an option of resuming back the process of downloading right from where the process was stopped. You can go to the History tab and there you can continue the process again. The process will not start from the beginning; it instead will start from the point where it was interrupted.

Is it possible to download the chat logs also?


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